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Departure from the Airport
Preflight Preparation
Departure process
Security Notice
Customs Inspection
Preflight Preparation
Preflight Preparations at Mohe Airport

Ticket Purchase

At present, tickets can be purchased online, at airport ticket offices or other agencies with valid documents. Mohe Airport Ticket Office Tel: 0457-2858888/7777.


1.When buying airline tickets online, be sure to double check the authenticity of the website.

2. Check booking information in time: ID card number, name, flight date, flight number, etc. Incorrect booking information may cause you to be unable to check in. Once the booking information is found to be incorrect, you should contact the customer service of the ticket purchase point to correct it in time.

Passenger's valid boarding certificates:

The common ones are: ID card, temporary ID card, Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents, Exit-Entry Permit for Hong Kong and Macao of the People's Republic of China, Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents to and from the Mainland, Travel Permit for Mainland Residents to and from Taiwan, military card, armed police officer card, soldier card, etc. The valid flight identification for mainland Chinese residents under the age of 16 also includes a medical certificate of birth, a household registration, a student card or an identification certificate issued by the local public security authority.

Departure process
Mohe Airport Departure Process

Boarding Pass Exchange

All flights at the airport will start to check in 2 hours before the departure time and stop to check in 30 minutes before the departure time. It is recommended to arrive at the airport at least 1 hour in advance.

When you arrive at the airport, first take your ID to the check-in counter to get a boarding pass. Once you get your boarding pass, check the information on the spot, i.e. boarding time, flight, name, destination, etc. If you book your flight online or over the phone, you can exchange your boarding pass for your identification.


1. The certificates include second-generation resident ID card, valid passport, military card, police officer card, civilian cadre card and other valid certificates. Passengers without documents for special reasons need to present the identity certificate provided by the place of residence which can prove their own identity, and apply for the temporary boarding certificate at the airport public security branch to exchange for the boarding pass.

2. The public security organs shall not apply for temporary boarding certificates for passengers who have not applied for second-generation ID cards. Teenagers under the age of 16 can carry their household registration book and medical birth certificate to go through the boarding procedures and pass the security check.

3. According to airport regulations, people over 70 and those in poor health are required to provide a health certificate from a Grade III, Grade A hospital when flying.

Checking of baggage and belongings

The total weight of the passenger's hand luggage (1 piece for ordinary passengers, 2 pieces for first class passengers) shall not exceed 5kg, and the volume of each piece of luggage shall not exceed 20x40x55cm. At the check-in site in the terminal, a luggage basket is provided to measure the size of the passenger's hand luggage. If the passenger's luggage can fit into the standard basket, the piece of luggage can be carried on; otherwise, it needs to be checked.


1. If you have knives, tools, hot water bottles, liquid items and large luggage, please check them at the check-in counter.

2. Lithium batteries are not allowed to be checked in, and those with energy less than 100Wh can be taken with you.

3. The weight limit for free checked luggage is 40kg for first class, 25kg for premium class, and 20kg for economy class. The volume should be less than 40X60X100cm. There is no free baggage allowance for baby ticket holders. The rate for excess baggage is calculated at 1.5% of the economy class fare per kilogram in yuan.

Security Check

Boarding passes and valid certificates should be presented during security check. Passengers must pass through the security check gate. Carry-on luggage must be checked by X-ray machine. If necessary, please cooperate with the security staff to take off coat, shoes and hat for inspection.



1. Liquors such as alcohol and soybean oil are not allowed to be carried in person, and passengers will have to check in such items after they get their boarding pass. In the security channel, once the items cannot pass the security check are intercepted, they can be temporarily stored in the airport for 30 days in the security channel, and they can be collected by the temporary deposit receipt within 30 days.

2. Passengers carrying guns, ammunition and controlled knives found in the security check process will be handed over to the public security organs for disposal. According to relevant regulations on civil aviation and public security, the public security organs can impose fines ranging from 500 yuan to 5,000 yuan and detention for up to five days on those involved.

Stand by

After passing the security check, please enter the departure hall with your personal belongings, boarding pass and valid ID. On the passenger boarding pass, near the dotted line, there is a column called "gate", and the number next to it is the area where the passenger waits to board.

After you find the waiting position, the boarding gate will be closed 15 minutes before the departure time. The boarding gate may be changed. Please pay attention to the announcements or staff alerts.


As you enter the boarding gate, all you care about is how to find your seat. The number and letter code next to the "seat number" column on the boarding pass is the passenger's seat number. For example, 39B, where "39" is the number of rows and "B" is the position, the number for rows and the letter for position are located below the luggage rack.

Security Notice
Mohe Airport Security Check Notes

I.It is forbidden to carry or transport wild animals

According to Paragraph 5 of Article 27 and Article 30 of the Wildlife Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, any person who sells, transports, carries or delivers wildlife and its products without holding or attaching quarantine certificates shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the Animal Epidemic Prevention Law of the People's Republic of China.

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II. Water, milk, drinks, honey, jam and other articles are prohibited from carry-on, can be checked.

If you want to take the bottle on board, please drink the water or beverage inside the bottle before security check. In the meantime, the airport warns you that blueberry jam, blueberry drink, and blueberry iced wine are not allowed on hand.

截屏2020-08-29 上午11.10.54.png

III. Pulverized coal, coal and other things contain dangerous goods, may contain inflammable, explosive and other items, so it is prohibited to carry! Not only can they not be taken directly onto the plane, they can't be checked in.


Customs Inspection
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