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Departure from the Airport
Preflight Preparation
Departure process
Security Notice
Customs Inspection
Preflight Preparation
Regulations on the Flight Certificate Regulations for Checked and Hand Baggage

Passengers on domestic flights should present valid flight identification documents and valid flight vouchers. If the passenger's information is consistent with his/her valid flight identification card and valid flight boarding certificate, the civil aviation security inspection authority shall add the verification mark.

The types of valid in-flight identification include: Resident ID cards of residents in mainland China, Temporary Resident Identity Card, Passport, Military Identity Card, Civilian Cadre Card, Conscript Card, Non-commissioned Officer Card, Civilian Personnel Card, Employee Card, Armed Police Officer Card, Armed Police Private Card, Seaman's Card, Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents to and from Mainland China, Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents to and from Mainland China; passport of foreign passenger, diplomatic credentials in China issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreigner Permanent Residence Permit; other valid flight identification documents stipulated by Civil Aviation Administration.

The valid flight identification for mainland Chinese residents under the age of 16 also includes a medical certificate of birth, household registration book, student ID card or identification certificate issued by the local public security authority.

Checked Baggage Regulation

Domestic Flights

Under normal circumstances, 20 kg for adult or child passengers in economy class, 30 kg for business class passengers and 40 kg for first class passengers, and there is 10 kilos free baggage allowance for baby ticket holders.

International Flights

Under normal circumstances, the free baggage allowance for economy class passengers is 20 kg, and the free baggage allowance for economy class passengers with student passports is 30 kg; the allowance for free checked baggage in business class is 30kg; the free baggage allowance for first class is 40kg. However, when the destination is the Americas, the checked baggage may be two pieces, each not exceeding 23kg, and the length of the three sides of a single piece of baggage shall not exceed 158cm. Excess baggage charges will be charged if they are exceeded. Some airlines have special restrictions on this, please pay attention to the notice on the ticket, or consult the airline, the information of the airline shall prevail.

Hand Baggage Regulation

Domestic Flights

First class passengers are normally allowed two pieces of carry-on luggage each; passengers in business class and economy class are allowed one piece of carry-on luggage each. The size of each piece of luggage shall not exceed 20×40×55 cm. The total weight of the above two items shall not exceed 5 kg.

International Flights

Under normal circumstances, each piece of luggage should not exceed 20×40×55 cm and the total weight of hand luggage should not exceed 7 kg. At the security check site, there is a luggage basket for passengers to test the size of hand luggage. If the passenger's luggage can fit into the standard basket, the piece of luggage can be carried on, otherwise it needs to be checked.

Some airlines have special restrictions on this, please pay attention to the notice on the ticket, or consult the airline, the information of the airline shall prevail.

Departure process
Jiamusi Airport Departure Process


I. Checking in

Terminal confirmation:

You can know about the terminal of your flight by looking at the airline map or calling the airport information hotline at 0451-96368.

Confirmation of the ticket counter:

Before you start check-in, please check the flight information screen for the ticket counter number and other information for your flight.

Electronic Ticket

If you have an e-ticket, you can use the e-ticket device to check in.

To ensure smooth boarding, you are advised to arrive at the terminal 2 hours before the departure of the flight. Check-in will be closed 45 minutes before the departure of the flight.

Baggage Checking:

Please go to the corresponding ticket counter to check in, check in your baggage and get your boarding pass with your ticket and valid ID.

Restrictions on hand baggage:

The total weight of hand luggage should not exceed 5kg and the volume of each piece of luggage should not exceed 20x40x55cm (requirements may vary from airline to airline).

Passengers will be provided with a carry-on size basket at the security check site. If the passenger's luggage can fit into the standard basket, the piece of luggage can be carried on, otherwise it needs to be checked.

Weight limit for free checked baggage:

First class - 40 kg; business class - 30 kg; economy class - 20kg (requirements may vary from airline to airline).

II. Security Check

Please prepare your boarding pass, ticket and valid passport in advance and hand them over to the security inspector for inspection. To ensure the safety of the flight, passengers must pass through the security check door and their carry-on luggage must be checked by X-ray machine. Thank you for your cooperation.

Requirements for carrying liquid articles by passengers departing from China:

1. Except for a small amount of cosmetics for personal use during the journey, passengers on domestic flights are forbidden to carry liquid articles with them, but they can be delivered, provided that the packaging should comply with the relevant provisions of civil aviation transport.

2. Passengers can bring a small amount of self-use cosmetics during the trip, but not including shampoo, shower fluid, hair conditioner, hair removal cream, bodybuilding cream and so on. Each cosmetics shall be limited to one piece with a container volume not exceeding 100 ml and shall be placed in a separate bag for bottle opening inspection. When the volume of the container exceeds 100ml, even if the container is not full of liquid, it is not allowed to carry, and must be delivered.

3. Passengers accompanying infants may apply to airlines for free liquid dairy products on board when purchasing tickets; liquid drugs that must be carried by diabetic patients or other patients should be kept by the air crew after being confirmed by the safety inspection.

4. The passenger shall be liable for the consequences such as miss the light caused by his/her violation of the above provisions.

III. Stand by and Boarding

After security check, passengers can go to the corresponding waiting area to rest according to the gate marked on the boarding pass.

E-ticket holders should contact their airline if they need proof of reimbursement.

Security Notice
Jiamusi Airport Security Check Instructions

Announcements of the Civil Aviation Administration of China on the Issuance of the Catalogue of Articles Prohibited to be Carried and Consigned by Civil Aviation Passengers & the Catalogue of Articles Restricted to Be Carried or Consigned by Civil Aviation Passengers

In order to protect the personal and property safety of civil aviation passengers, civil aviation transportation safety and national security, and prevent illegal interference in civil aviation activities, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Aviation Law of the People's Republic of China, the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Civil Aviation Security and the Civil Aviation Security Check Rules, the Catalogue of Articles Prohibited to be Carried and Consigned by Civil Aviation Passengers & the Catalogue of Articles Restricted to Be Carried or Consigned by Civil Aviation Passengers is hereby promulgated.

Public air transport enterprises and civil transport airport management agencies shall publicize the Catalogue of Articles Prohibited to be Carried and Consigned by Civil Aviation Passengers & the Catalogue of Articles Restricted to Be Carried or Consigned by Civil Aviation Passengers by various means, and fulfill the obligation to inform passengers when they purchase tickets, go through boarding procedures and go through security checks.

Articles that are prohibited from being carried on hand but can be checked in the Catalogue of Articles Restricted to Be Carried or Consigned by Civil Aviation Passengers may be checked in, disposed of or temporarily stored by passengers themselves as baggage; for special items that can only be transported as personal luggage items or consignment luggage after approval by public air transport enterprises, public air transport enterprises should notify passengers of the catalogue of special items and approval procedures, and clarify the approval and information transmission procedures of special items with civil aviation safety inspection agencies.

The public security organs shall deal with the passengers who carry or consign dangerous goods, contraband and controlled articles prescribed in the laws and regulations of the State and thus constitute acts violating the administration of public security; the passenger who constitutes a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. A public security organ shall deal with a passenger who intentionally conceals in his carry-on or checked articles articles which are prohibited or restricted by civil aviation except those stipulated by the laws and regulations of the state and thus constitutes a disturbance to the public order.

This Announcement shall come into force on January 1, 2017. If there are provisions inconsistent with this Announcement, it shall be implemented in accordance with this Announcement.

Civil Aviation Administration of China

December 2, 2016


Catalogue of items prohibited to be carried and checked by civil aviation passengers.pdf

Catalogue of items restricted to be carried or checked by civil aviation passengers.pdf

Common Problems in Security Check

How to safely bring a "power bank" on board?

Customs Inspection
Jiamusi Airport Customs Inspection and Exit Notes

1. Inspection and Quarantine

(1) Entry passengers suffering from fever, vomiting, jaundice, diarrhea, acute rash, lymphadenoma, AIDS, venereal disease, mental illness or open tuberculosis should report to the inspection and quarantine officer on their own initiative;

(2) Passengers from areas where yellow fever is endemic should present a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate to the inspection and quarantine officer;

(3) Chinese citizens living abroad for more than one year shall, upon entry into the country, go to the port AIDS monitoring points established by the inspection and quarantine institutions for health examination or obtain an application form for AIDS testing, and go to the inspection and quarantine institution of the port or a hospital at or above the county level for health examination within one month.

2. Customs Inspection

If you are carrying articles to be declared to the Customs, you must fill in the Declaration Form of Inbound and Outbound Passengers of the Customs of the People's Republic of China, and choose the "Declaration Channel" (also known as the "Red Channel") to go through the Customs; if not, you don't need to fill out the Declaration Form and choose the "No Declaration Channel" (also known as the "Green Channel") to go through the Customs (except for persons exempted from inspection and customs supervision as required and passengers under the age of 16 travelling with adults). Incoming passengers carrying the following articles shall fill in the relevant columns on the Declaration Form according to the facts, submit the relevant articles to the Customs for examination and go through the relevant procedures:

(1) Animals, plants and their products, microorganisms, biological products, human tissues, blood products;

(2) Self-contained articles totally valued at more than RMB 5000 yuan (including RMB 5000 yuan, the same below) acquired by resident passengers abroad;

(3) Articles intended to be left in China by non-resident passengers with a total value of more than RMB 2,000;

(4) Alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of more than 1,500ml (12 degrees or more), or cigarettes more than 400, or cigars more than 100, or  cut tobacco more than 500 grams;

(5) RMB in cash in excess of 20,000 yuan, or foreign currency in cash in excess of 5000 US dollars;

(6) Baggage, cargo, samples and advertising materials separated from transportation;

(7) Other articles that need to be declared to the customs.

(8) Animal and plant quarantine. If necessary, please pass the animal and plant quarantine spot check.

3. Frontier Inspection

When entering China, foreign passengers shall hold valid passport documents and entry visas, and submit the completed entry registration card together with their passport documents and visas to the border inspection station for examination.

Chinese passengers shall enter China with valid passport documents.

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