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Enterprise Culture System of Heilongjiang Airport Group Company

Heilongjiang Airport Group Corporation Corporate Culture System

I. Cultural Theme

Road between the Sky and the Earth   Gate of the Great Nation
We are an airport management group with Beijing Capital International Airport as the leader, and the airport industry is our subject. We will grasp the law of enterprise development, lay a runway connecting the sky and the earth, to create a broad career. We must not only keep lofty ambitions, but also solidly realize the foundation industry.

Capital Airport is the "No. 1 Gate of China", representing the image of our country; while we, too, are the gateway to our country. Each of us should work steadfastly in our own post, strive to improve the level of security services, focus on building a safe door, convenient door, comfortable door, open door, to show the beautiful image of the all-round rejuvenation of our great motherland.

II.Core Ideology
Vision: leading airport group in the same level in China

Interpretation: with Harbin Taiping International Airport as the core, we will take into account all regional airports in the province, benchmarking advanced, improving quality and creating brand, so as to promote the coordinated development of airport cluster; in terms of safety assurance, quality service, operation and management, economies of scale, planning and construction, and customer satisfaction, we will reach the leading level of domestic airport enterprises at the same level, to contribute to the economic development and social progress of Heilongjiang Province.

Mission: to advocate Chinese service, build a window of Longjiang, and demonstrate the fashion of the airport

Interpretation: the airports in Heilongjiang are the windows of the Heilongjiang region, demonstrating the image of the Heilongjiang region and even our country and our nation. As one of the member enterprises of Capital Airport Group, Heilongjiang Airport Group Company should be the initiator of "China Service" and the practitioner of "China Service" with domestic advanced level and rich cultural heritage of Heilongjiang Province.

Airports in Heilongjiang should actively develop their main business, constantly raise the value of airport resources, continuously improve the life quality of employees, enhance the sense of belonging, honor and pride of employees, to demonstrate the development achievements of airports and the spiritual outlook of employees.

Core Values: sincerity, efficiency, knowledge and action, harmony and win-win

Interpretation: "sincerity" is the foundation of life, the foundation of the career. Business is about integrity, service is about sincerity, business is about loyalty. Operation is focused on efficiency, management is focused on benefit, management is focused on the effect. Benefit to help sincerity, justice and interests co-exist. Knowledge and action are one. We should build a learning organization, improve the mental model, cultivate systematic thinking, and enhance the executive capacity.

Harmony is the soul of image, the wing of development. To cultivate our morality with kindness, we shall work in harmony and coordination with others, to create a stable and harmonious internal and external environment for our enterprise.

We should dedicate ourselves to the country and society, and build a community of interests and a community of destiny with our customers, partners, employees and various stakeholders, for the purpose of jointly sharing and achieving common development.

Enterprise Spirit: Bravely Shouldering the Responsibilities   Daring to Innovate   Advancing together

Interpretation: responsible for every job and every link we engage in; have the courage to take on urgent, difficult, dangerous and heavy tasks in order to promote the strategy of "making China strong by civil aviation"; have the courage to shoulder the political, economic and social responsibilities entrusted to us by the state and society. 

To dare to break new ways, actively explore; meet customer needs with creation, strive for group development with innovation, and realize life value with entrepreneurship.

To have collectivized, cross-boundary synergetic thought; solidarity and cooperation with one mind; to make unremitting efforts to improve ourselves and be enthusiastic and press on.

Enterprise Management Philosophy:

Safety Voncept: strict, practical, precise

Interpretation: "strict", refers to the strict system, strict management, serious discipline, rigorous style. We should implement the "five-S" requirements of civil aviation safety work; "practical" means to "move the gate forward, move the center of gravity downward". We should grasp the truth, come up with practical ways, do practical things, and seek practical results, for solid implementation of safety measures; "precise" refers to elaboration, which means we should try our best to cultivate a rigorous and meticulous working style.

Service Concept: observe demand, focus on details, highlight characteristics, build brand

Interpretation: to provide personalized, brand-oriented and professional services based on customer needs; continue to enhance the service quality and grade from the details; cultivate service highlights, create service experience, build service brand with Longjiang culture characteristics with Longjiang people's warm and forthright characteristics, to highlight the connotation of "comfortable, pleasant, super value".

Talent Concept: everyone is talent and everyone can succeed

Interpretation: to establish the concept of "talent is the first resource", and endeavor to build and improve the mechanism for the growth of all kinds of talent, to create a good atmosphere of "everyone respects talent, everyone strives for talent, everyone for talent", so that the potential of each employee can be fully released and fully demonstrated; to provide a stage for those who want to do, can do, and get things done to give full play to their talents, so that people can understand that anyone who is willing to work hard can succeed.

Learning Concept: to keep learning and apply the knowledge

Interpretation: first, to guide the staff to cultivate tireless learning habits, so that learning becomes a person's conscious behavior and pursuit; second, to emphasize the combination of learning and use. On the one hand, to improve our working level through learning; on the other hand, to strengthen our learning ability through the accumulation of practical working experience.

III. Code of Conduct

Common Code of Conduct for Employees

Dedication, willingness to learn, friendship and mutual assistance, and law-abiding


Code of Conduct for Managers

Leading by example, pragmatic and innovative, team spirit, fair and honest 

IV. Cultural Communication Words

In the Same China  In the Same Family

Advocating Chinese Service  Building a Window of Longjiang  Showing the Airport Style

City of Ice & Capital of Summer Charming Airport

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